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Mad TV ~ House


Here the second administrator talking! ^-^ Well, as I was a med student myself I understand what this is all about. And as another Mad About House girl, I definitely want to be in this spot *___*
But as I'm also a translator, my posts will be biligual for everyone to understand no matter in what spot of this greatest of all universes you're in right now.

Aquí la segunda admi hablando! Buen, ya que yo también fui estudiante de medicina comprendo de qué va todo esto. Y como otra Loca por House, definitivamente quiero estar aquí! *___*
Pero como también soy traductora, mis posts serán bilingües para que todo el que quiera pueda comprender sin importar en qué punto de este el mayor universo de todos se encuentren ahora.

This here I bring is from the tv show Mad TV, in which they parody everything they can lay their hands on. And in this installment, House MD was their chosen victim, alongside their known Grey's Anatomy parody, to bring it up more effectively with their differences. So enjoy this video!

Este video que pongo acá es del show de Mad TV, en donde parodian todo lo que encuentran. Y la víctima elegida esta vez fue justamente Dr House, junto con su conocida parodia de Grey's Anatomy, como para traerla mas en el plano de las diferencias entre ambas. Eso sí, está en ingles sin subtítulos por ser un programa de tv yankee. Para los que quieran luego pongo una traducción textual si les interesa, solo pidan!
Disfruten de este video! 

MadTV new 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'House' spoof (Feb 17 episode)


Script original (para el que quiera saber lo que dice) Luego viene la traducción. Sin tiempo ahora. 

- Your fiancee's been dead for three days. You should get back into the dating scene.
- I don't need dating tips from someone who thinks it's ok to cheat on MacDreamy with MacSteamy.
- Cheating on MacDreamy with MacSteamy is ok because I was moving up the MacGimmy ladder. It starts with MacQueeny, then MacWhinny, followed by MacDreamy, then MacSteamy, and the brass ring is MacSupremy, whom, rumor has it, is French and lives in a castle.
- Doctor!
- Is an operation going in here? Can I help, please? Please? I beg of you. I'm the best, right? Right?
- Are you guys talking about relationships? Please, please, let me talk about mine! Please, I beg of you.
- Are you guys in the middle of an interesting storyline? Please let me be in it. My head's just stuck with that fat boned doctor.
- What the heck are all of my interns doing in here?! Yo'all need to stop talking about yourselves and start helping people! And why am I in here?! My husband has a brain tumor and I just had a baby! And why am I talking so loud?!
- Oh, my God, it's a patient! I've been so focused on relationships I've forgotten how to practice medicine. We're gonna have to call in a specialist.
- Who?
- I know. MacMeany.

- Can anyone here write a vicodin prescription for the most confident, well-adjusted, drug addicted doctor in the world?
- Dr House, we have a woman here and we don't know what's wrong with her.
- There's nothing I can do for that woman.
- No, not me, the woman on the bed.
- She's pregnant. The baby comes out that hole. Goodbye.
- House!

- You can't just leave that woman--
- Listen, nurse.
- I'm a doctor.
- You're not a doctor you're a whore.
- Sheesh, that wasn't even witty at all. That was just flat out mean.
- Sorry, when you wisecrack all day some of them are bound to get away from you.
- Listen to me, House. I'm the only doctor in this hospital who has slept with both MacDreamy and MacSteamy so I know my way around this place, and there's more going on with that woman than just being pregnant.
- You've been with both MacDreamy and MacSteamy? I'm just trying to picture you in between.
- No look. ou better go in there and save her, you disgusting pig. And I have to say disgusting pig because Grey's Anatomy is a show written for women by women.
- I'm trying to tell you I don't know what's wrong with your patient. But I do know I've got an erection. And I had to say that because House is written by a man for women who like abusive men.  Looks like someone just braced your anatomy.
- Wha-- and he go like that. I mean, you know... It's not...  

- Alright. Patient has an excess of saliva. Any thoughts?
- Yes, I think I'll take it slow with MacDreamy.
- Sure, cause you don't wanna loose MacDreamy. I did by sleeping with MacSteamy.
- MacSteamy's a jerk. Not like my fiancee who was a great man before I killed him.
- That was an interesting storyline. My character sleeps with women and then they cry.
- Maybe is because you're a homo.
- Hey! Don't call him a homo.
- Didn't call him a homo.
- Yes, you did. It's the third time you've called me a homo. Twice on set and then once at the Golden Globes.
- Not true. See you later. Homo.
- While you guys are talking I took out the patient's lung. I'm the best, right?
- Well you're the best at ruining a perfectly good erection. Wait a minute. Excess saliva, removable lung, pregnant. This woman has classic Veniera Syndrome. The only way to save the baby is to smother the mother with a pillow.
- You can't do that!
- Just watch me you mushroom-haired hobbit.
- Lack of oxigen will build pressure in the mother's vagina and the kid should shoot right out. You, baby voice, get you catchersmith ready. One, two, three, smother!
 Excelent. Now resucitate the mother.
- We can't. She's dead!
- Hm. Would've worked on my show.
- I know a show that can save her.

La traducción la agrego luego.




Diferencial Diagnosis: A Vicodin Addict.- House

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